Holy frack: Last week on US TV

Quite a stupendous week in US TV for various shows that have been up and running for a few weeks. Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth episode, Exodus Part 2, shifted upwards the quality threshold for TV sci-fi by about 10,000 feet, alternating between tear-jerking tragedy (I certainly had a sniffle at one particular scene) and staggering action that probably blew the show’s budget for the next decade. If you’re ever going to give Battlestar Galactica a look in, UK viewers, that’s the one to watch.

Meanwhile, Jericho has suddenly turned properly interesting, five episodes in. Both Skeet Urich and Lennie James’ characters have revealed themselves to be a gadzillion times more interesting than anything up to the third episode had really promised. Despite a saggy middle section that featured yet another “disaster of the week”, the episode also had a promising opening as well as very, very promising ending that indicates a whole load of interesting things are going to be happening soon. Looking around at the various spoiler zones, I’d say that these aren’t false promises either. So hang in there until the fifth episode, potential Jericho viewers in the UK: it’s worth it now.