Gossipy Doctor Who stuff

All of this might be untrue Who goss that I’ve plucked from the forums, but I thought I’d float it around. It sounds interesting for a Friday, anyway. Minor spoilers (or complete lies) after the break, me hearties.

  1. Martha is not a willing companion at first. The first half of the series will see the Doctor trying to get her back home, but she warms to the idea of travelling with the Doctor and decides to stay.
  2. Apparently Ricky Gervais has asked several times if an episode for series two of Extras could be based around a Who episode. But he’s been told that the studio floor is just too busy and DT has no free time to do a guest spot.
  3. Mark Gatiss is not writing an episode this year because he is writing his own Who project for BBC4 about William Hartnell’s time on the show.
  4. There’s going to be a huge red-herring for old school fans in one episode. It’s been written so that the casual audience won’t notice and it won’t affect their enjoyment of the episode, but if you know your Who you may expect something only to be surprised with something different at the end.