Sophia Myles: sci-fi groupie

Sophia Myles in UnderworldSophia (pronounced to rhyme with “hairdryer” apparently) Myles seems to be a big fan of sci-fan. Obviously, she’s dating the Doctor, himself, after meeting him while filming an episode of Doctor Who. But she’s all set to appear in a new adaptation of Dracula for BBC1, that will also feature Marc Warren (State of Play, Hustle, and, you guessed it, Doctor Who).

Dracula won’t be her first vampire effort though, since she appeared, to slinky effect, as a vampire in Underworld. She was also Lady Penelope in the movie Thunderbirds. So I have a quick question.

What is it with posh blonde women and sci-fi?

There’s that Susannah Harker of Pride and Prejudice, confessing that her deep love of sci-fi made her take on vampire drama Ultraviolet as well as the role of Sapphire in the audio Sapphire and Steel stories. They’re all over the place, I tell you.

I know it’s by no means a conclusive trend, and I know posh blonde women who hate SF, but apparently there’s a lot of them who secretly loves it. Including my wife (who’ll claim she isn’t posh, but we all know she is really). What’s up with the world?