More on Dr Uwe Boll’s boxing challenge

Dr Uwe BollIt’s not going well for Dr Uwe Boll and his boxing challenge. Dr Boll, fed up with all those Internet critics slamming his not fantastic films, challenged everyone to put up (their dukes) or shut up. Anyone rising to his challenge would get to be flown out to Vancouver for a professional bout with the man himself.

Turns out, he’s only had one taker. Or that’s what he says, anyway, since we know of at least one other. So it’s all been downgraded to an amateur bout.

He’s not happy though:

“Where are my harshest critics from the IMDb and other websites hiding?” the film-maker said in a menacing statement released this week. “Are they chickening out? Many have said they will fight me but they never register to fight.

“Where are all the other outspoken critics, critics who claim that they have registered for the boxing match, but in fact have not. Where is Headhunter004? Where are the rest of you?”

I just love ‘Where is Headhunter004?’ I think that should be the name of his next movie.