I just don’t see the link

I got an odd email this morning.


I just found your blog entry: http://www.the-medium-is-not-enough.com/2006/06/the_end_of_the_finale_guides.php and I think you may be of some help to me. I’m contacting you on behalf of M80 & Fox Home Entertainment regarding tthe DVD release of The Pretender Season 4.

Since you mentioned Medium in your blog entry, I thought that you may be interested in helping to promote this release.

The Pretender Season 4 is being released to DVD on July 18th.

If you are interested, please email me back and I’ll get you the details.



a US releaseSo what, exactly, is the link between The Pretender (fine series though it was, til the silly fourth season) and Medium. They’re both NBC shows I guess, but is there much of a demographic overlap between a 1996 show about a genius who could pretend to be anyone he wanted, running away from an evil organisation called The Centre, and a 2005 show about a woman who helps a US district attorney by talking to dead people?

More worryingly, what exactly does Jacqueline want me to do to promote it, I wonder? It’s a US release, after all. Was my printing this letter the plan? I’m not sure I want to know, lest my editorial independence be compromised.