A Who event up North

Most of my Who event news is London-oriented. I’m a Londoner. It’s the only important place in the world (except Wales, of course). But as a concession, here’s a piece of news for Northern Who fans.

This is Lancashire reports that Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Eugene Washington (from School Reunion), K9 and writer Bob Baker will be at Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Paradise Rooms on Saturday, July 8. Visitors will also be able to see the final episode of the current series, Doomsday, on a big screen. As if that weren’t exciting enough…:

Organisers The Who Shop, a London-based retailer of Doctor Who memorabilia, promise mystery guests, exclusive merchandise stalls, interviews and, most intriguingly of all, a world exclusive announcement.

Tickets, including a sit-down buffet meal, are priced at £25 and the event begins at 5pm. Contact The Who Shop on 020 8471 2356 or visit www.thewhoshop.com for more details.

No DT, I’m afraid, but at least you’ll have something Who-y to do now.