Space Cadets: they all deserve to lose

Anybody been watching Space Cadets? Not many of you, judging by the ratings. If you haven’t, don’t. It’s another show from C4 designed purely to allow people to have a laugh at “dim-witted proles” (to borrow a Charlie Brooker phrase) – as you may have guessed from the show’s title. Can’t they come up with anything interesting or edifying? Of course not. They still employ Jimmy Carr.

Personally, I think they all should lose if they don’t know enough basic physics to understand weightlessness. “We’re not going to be in orbit high enough to escape the Earth’s gravitational field so you won’t be weightless.”. And they bought it! Retards.

Me? I’m only watching it since a friend of my sister is one of the undercover actors. They write a blog about cats. Now that’s edifying.