SG-1 will go on, vows producer

Stargate SG-1 may have been cancelled, but producer Robert C Cooper has vowed that it will continue in some form or another. “What we want to emphasize is that the franchise is not dying. SG-1 will go on in some way. We’re just not ready to announce how.”

Possible options include a TV movie, mini-series, direct-to-video movie or an actual movie, since Richard Dean Anderson said he’d return to the Jack O’Neill role if that happened. However, that might conflict with Dean Devlin’s plans for a sequel to the original Stargate movie with the original cast.

Any bets on how it will return?


Stargate sequel movie being planned

Remember Stargate? I think you do. It starred Kurt Russell and James Spader, way back in 1994, and spawned a slightly successful TV series. And another slightly successful TV series. And a bad cartoon series. That first series has now been running for 10 years.

So it is with much amusement that I read that Dean Devlin, Kurt Russell and James Spader are all interested in making a second and possibly third movie following on from the original movie. Most entertainingly, it’ll be set 12 years after the original and yet somehow, according to Devlin, “We would just continue the mythology of the movie and finish that out. I think the series could still live at the end of the third sequel. So we’re going to try to not tread on their stories.”

Right. Can’t really see how that one’s going to work.

All the same, I’ll probably watch it when it comes out. Sounds like it might be a laugh…


Battlestar Galactica: Season three video

Doctor Who‘s all very nice and all, but at its heart, it’s a show aimed mainly at kids. Happily enough, adults can also get some fun from it, but if you want hard-core, adult sci-fi (which is very different from adult hardcore sci-fi, of course), you have to go to the States.

Battlestar Galactica is still the show to beat in terms of, well, everything really, if you want decent plotlines, decent effects, decent characters, etc. Season three would normally be starting right now, but the US SciFi channel has delayed it until October to make sure it’s all really well done and ready for when it finally sees the light of day.

However, there’s a trailer available on YouTube now (with a slight audio sync problem) to give you an idea of what season three’s going to be like.

Incidentally, Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 both began new seasons on Friday. I haven’t reviewed them because, to be honest, it’s the same old, same old there – they keep plodding along with nothing desperately bad or desperately good to take away from it all. Fun, but we’re in the 13th mile of a marathon, really.

One thing though. Both shows, together with Battlestar Galactica, have the kind of effects that Doctor Who can only dream of. So the next time you hear RTD going on about how fabulous The Mill is, show him an ep of Stargate Atlantis. Hell, even these mocked up season three titles for BSG should give him pause for thought:


Stargate: a licence to print money

Stargate SG-1You just can’t get rid of Stargate. There was the movie. Then there was the first TV series, Stargate SG-1, which is now filming its tenth season, making it just about the longest running sci-fi show in the world short of Doctor Who. Then there’s the spin-off series Stargate: Atlantis, which is on to season three. There was also a spin-off cartoon, that was, thankfully, cancelled. Now they’re thinking of another movie that will launch a third series as well.

Can I say, at this point, enough with the Stargates already? To make both Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis requires a budget of $75 million per year. Give it to the poor instead. The idea has been milked well and good already. I keep watching them, mind you, but then I have an addictive personality. Cut me off, please. I beg you. I resent being addicted, intrigued and bored simultaneously.

On the other hand, guess how much money it’s made for the economy of British Columbia, the part of Canada where it’s filmed. Go on. You won’t be able to guess.

$500 million. That’s right. And we’re talking US not Canadian dollars here. You can see why they keep doing it, can’t you? Maybe some poor Canadians are getting some of that. We can only hope.