Stargate sequel movie being planned

Remember Stargate? I think you do. It starred Kurt Russell and James Spader, way back in 1994, and spawned a slightly successful TV series. And another slightly successful TV series. And a bad cartoon series. That first series has now been running for 10 years.

So it is with much amusement that I read that Dean Devlin, Kurt Russell and James Spader are all interested in making a second and possibly third movie following on from the original movie. Most entertainingly, it’ll be set 12 years after the original and yet somehow, according to Devlin, “We would just continue the mythology of the movie and finish that out. I think the series could still live at the end of the third sequel. So we’re going to try to not tread on their stories.”

Right. Can’t really see how that one’s going to work.

All the same, I’ll probably watch it when it comes out. Sounds like it might be a laugh…