Review: Doctor Who – 2×1 – New Earth

David Tennant will a silly haircut

What was the most rubbish bit about Doctor Who on Saturday then?

  1. The 20 minutes of padding in the middle of the script
  2. The bit where they forced David Tennant to do an Austin Powers impression?
  3. The fact someone had turned the volume on the incidental music all the way up to 11?

Hopefully next week’s will be better.


Need a Doctor Who fix but can’t wait until April 15?


Two weeks until the new series of Doctor Who: let the compulsions commence. How will everyone cope until then? Well, the first of the TARDISodes is now available, you lucky people. This one you can view for free online, but the normal ones cost 10-15p. No DT in this one, but both he and Billie will appear in the later ones.

This one seemed quite short. Wonder if that’s the normal length or as much as the Beeb are willing to give away for free for now.

Hardware horrors or à la recherche du temps perdus

I don’t know why this place is suddenly filled up with Who news, but it is. This one’s here, not because it’s Who news, but because it’s my past coming back to haunt me (hence the lack of Tennant picture, I’m afraid).

Prepare to be bored.

Anyway, according to Broadcast via Outpost Gallifrey, production on the next series of Doctor Who has gone tapeless thanks to investment by BBC Wales in a Unity.

Oh the unmitigated horror. Back circa 1999 and 2000, talking about this kind of thing was my job – I was technology editor of Televisual. Trudging around Soho, talking to every post-production house under the sun about what new kit they’d just bought: doesn’t sound brilliant, but they paid me; they’d send me to Las Vegas and Amsterdam every year for the big conferences and I got to find out about all the new programmes before they happened. Sounds a lot cooler now, doesn’t it? Sigh.

Back to the topic in hand, though. Back then, Unity was just being introduced and virtually all the big post houses already had at least one. Tapeless workflow? Jeez. It’s amazing six years on that a flagship BBC programme would be done on anything except a tapeless workflow system. Still, that’s the regions for you. Backward, backward, backward.

Oh dear. My wife’s coming to kill me for that. She’s from Swansea, you know. Just like Russell T Davies.

There’s no link there that I know of.

UPDATE: This blog entry is hereby renamed “The too much red wine blog entry”.