Review: Doctor Who – 2×2 – Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw

Ah, that’s a bit more like it. Only a couple of slack moments and a not totally convincing bit of CGI but otherwise, ‘Tooth and Claw’ was classic Who:

  1. Good plot with a load of made-up science
  2. Good dialogue
  3. Good supporting cast
  4. Lots of running around corridors
  5. A companion running around with nothing to do but escape after being captured and ask, “What’s going on Doctor?”
  6. A scary monster
  7. A research scene where they work out how to kill the monster
  8. Lots of people dying

And they had some wu shu-ing monks and a reference to Jamie McCrimmon. Cracking. What more could you ask for from Doctor Who?

Incidentally, wasn’t David Tennant good? No more companion overshadowing the Doctor. Mr T totally wiped the floor with Ms P. Ah, just like the good old days. Talking of which, it’s the Sarah Jane and K9 episode next week. Can’t wait.

Couple of extra things. Number one, I’ve turfed up an interview in my MP3 collection of David Tennant explaining his love of Who and his Big Finish work. It was actually done while the Christopher Eccleston series was airing, amazingly enough. Email me if you’d like to hear it (note: it wasn’t me who did the interview, so you won’t get to hear my dulcet tones).

Number two: I’m in Wales at the moment. My lovely wife wanted the house to herself because she had three of her friends coming down for the weekend. So I’ve upped sticks to the mother-in-law’s and have spent the day cutting hedges, creosoting fences, mowing lawns, uncovering hedgehogs (Ahhhh!), climbing into lofts, moving heavy things and a whole lot more. So now I’m a funny pink colour from over-exposure to sunshine. Curses. Outside bad. Inside good.

But if you’ve never watched Who in Wales, it’s very entertaining. Short of having a man in a red rugby shirt signing at the bottom, there’s almost nothing more they could have done to make it clearer that this was “Made in Wales. God man! That’s cowing lush!”. They even have a little placard with an announcer at the beginning saying “Made in Wales by BBC Wales”. In Wales. That was Wales. Sorry, did I mention that it was shot in Wales?

Incidentally, I have no idea if that headline is accurate Welsh. Despite my best intentions to learn Welsh, I’ve been unable to find an Instant Welsh book, those Instant books being about the only language-learning books I get along with. So my Welsh stops somewhere south of the numbers one to six. Don’t, therefore, quote me on the headline, but I think it means “Welcome to Doctor Who”. Which is pretty meaningless of course. Oh well.

UPDATE: Further thoughts – Another ‘classic’ point was the TARDIS didn’t turn up at the right place or the right time, which is always refreshing. But all that Torchwood stuff is starting to hack me off and doesn’t make a lot of sense at the moment. Yes, we get it, there’s a spin-off called Torchwood coming.

  • I understand that Torchwood has relevance to the current series’ finale, and isn’t just signposting for a spin-off — so who know, in a few weeks the references will start to make a bit more sense…

  • Yeah, I suspect it’ll be this year’s “Bad Wolf”, although hopefully somewhat better. However, sometimes it begins to grate. It’s all over the bloody place. It’s even in the latest Tardisode. I wish they’d just leave it alone for a while.
    And when I said “doesn’t make sense”, I mean it doesn’t make sense as currently being set up. ‘Torchwood’ is on the look out for the Doctor in case he ever comes back post-Victoria. Well, he was working for UNIT for a pretty long time and he’s popped up on Earth a few times since 1879, so they’re a bit rubbish if they haven’t spotted him until this series. And why haven’t we heard of them before?

  • That’s a very good point, Rob, but wouldn’t it make for a great theme for a series arc: a changed time-line, post his encounter with Queen Vic, so that he becomes png? Won’t happen, though.

  • Possibly. However, we’ve already seen Torchwood in action in the Christmas Invasion. So why does Torchwood exist before the Victoria meeting?
    But there’s enough fan wank going on about how since the Time Lords have gone, the time lines are more mutable, paradoxes can occur, etc (particularly if you believe Big Finish’s “Rassilon set up the one true time using the Eye of Harmony” theory. Or even Stephen Hawking’s “History is a Sum of Histories” theory) that such an explanation might be possible.
    All the same, I thought RTD was straying away from anything too complicated for children and having to explain that everything we saw Christopher Ecclestone do with UNIT and co back in Christmas Invasion, World War III, etc was an alternative time line might be a touch tricky for them.