See. Told you DT was a Doctor Who fan.

David Tennant in glassesSome didn’t believe me, I know. But David Tennant is a big Doctor Who fan. Now here’s some corroboration.

Witness for the prosecution: the fact he knows that the Doctor’s home world, Gallifrey, is in the constellation of Kasterborous. I am vindicated.

PS Can you see the tumbleweeds blowing through where my life should be?

UPDATE: Ha! More proof.


Hardware horrors or à la recherche du temps perdus

I don’t know why this place is suddenly filled up with Who news, but it is. This one’s here, not because it’s Who news, but because it’s my past coming back to haunt me (hence the lack of Tennant picture, I’m afraid).

Prepare to be bored.

Anyway, according to Broadcast via Outpost Gallifrey, production on the next series of Doctor Who has gone tapeless thanks to investment by BBC Wales in a Unity.

Oh the unmitigated horror. Back circa 1999 and 2000, talking about this kind of thing was my job – I was technology editor of Televisual. Trudging around Soho, talking to every post-production house under the sun about what new kit they’d just bought: doesn’t sound brilliant, but they paid me; they’d send me to Las Vegas and Amsterdam every year for the big conferences and I got to find out about all the new programmes before they happened. Sounds a lot cooler now, doesn’t it? Sigh.

Back to the topic in hand, though. Back then, Unity was just being introduced and virtually all the big post houses already had at least one. Tapeless workflow? Jeez. It’s amazing six years on that a flagship BBC programme would be done on anything except a tapeless workflow system. Still, that’s the regions for you. Backward, backward, backward.

Oh dear. My wife’s coming to kill me for that. She’s from Swansea, you know. Just like Russell T Davies.

There’s no link there that I know of.

UPDATE: This blog entry is hereby renamed “The too much red wine blog entry”.


Totally Doctor Who lets in the teenagers

We’ve already have a few of our regulars and newcomers complaining that Totally Doctor Who, the show that CBBC is hoping will indoctrinate children into being obsessive about television from an early age, has too low an age limit. Well, the powers that be are obviously listening – and enjoy pissing people off – and have raised the maximum age to 14, which still rules out everyone who complained.

Let the birth-certificate-faking begin.

Meanwhile, trailers have been running in the US for the Christopher Eccleston season of Doctor Who, since it airs next Friday. Sci-Fi have already got a nice little micro-site up and running but clearly they reckon the new logo is far too naff and have created their own:

The Sci-Fi Channel's New Doctor Who logo

Like a gadzillion times better than the real one, isn’t it? Maybe the Beeb should take that to heart and use it for the next season? That would annoy the merchandisers no end.

That’s it. Nothing more to see here.

Still here? Oh. Of course.

Here’s a picture of David Tennant:

David Tennant in an Atari t-shirt


Peter Kay to be guest villain on Doctor Who

Peter Kay

Peter Kay (him off Phoenix Nights and who did that song, you know the one, with Tony Christie… No, not ‘Streets and Alleyways’ or whatever it was – that was the theme to The Protectors… It’s got armadillos in it or something. Oh I don’t know. Go and look it up) is to be a guest villain on the new series of Doctor Who. Well, if Simon Pegg can do it, so can Peter Kay.

Can’t help but think they could do with a few really evil psychopaths, though, rather than comic actors who can also do serious work.

And now, for no reason at all, apparently, a picture of David Tennant (sorry about the watermark):