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Review: Elgato EyeTV for DTT stick

Eye TV DTT stickI bought myself one of those DTT sticks last week. I promised I’d let you know how it was working it, so here we go. Remember, you can click any of these pictures to make them bigger, if you want a better look:

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Philip K Dick biopic planned by Paul Giamatti

The new darling of sci-fi circles, Paul Giamatti, has just launched his own production company. Its first project, according to Variety, is likely to be a biopic of author Philip K Dick. Apparently, “The nontraditional biopic will interweave the prolific author’s life with his fictionand incorporate elements of his last unfinished novel, ‘The Owl in Daylight.'”

To find out more about Dick and to view 24 minutes of A Scanner Darkly, Richard Linklater’s adaptation of Dick’s Through A Scanner Darkly, visit this old entry.


Big Brother twist annoys voters

NikkiYou spend time and texting money voting people out the Big Brother house. Then what happens? Channel 4 lets them back in again. So far, Channel 4 has received 600 complaints, most of them alleging that C4 has effectively defrauded them:

“Only an ABSOLUTE FOOL would ever waste their money voting on this show ever again! Are they seriously trying to piss off their loyal fans by doing this? Well done BB – you’ve boosted ratings and given Nikki another chance to shine – but at what cost?”.

Or how about:

“Hmmm…. Fraudulent misrepresentation…. Obtaining money by deception… Conspiracy to defraud… even plain and simple theft – anyone think of any others?”

I’d actually agree with those complaining, although since I’ve not spent any money on voting, I’m not that fussed. Surely the whole point of voting to evict people is to get them out the house. And if you’re told that’s what your 25p or whatever it is is going to do, you’re entitled to feel annoyed if Channel 4 turns round later and says it doesn’t.

I’m just upset the evil Nikki is undoubtedly going to go back in. There’s a four-year-old downstairs from us that screams all day for HER MUMMY!!! and we know she’s going to be just like Nikki when she grows up. It’s only by ignoring their tantrums that they learn to behave, guys…

UPDATE: At 3.44pm, the number of complaints is up to 1,196.


Review: Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe

Screen Wipe Series 2

In the UK: BBC Four, Thursdays, 10.30pm (repeated later and on Fridays)

Ah, Charlie Brooker. Anyone with any sense and love of TV reads his Guardian ‘Screen Burn’ column every Saturday. It’s usually the funniest thing you’ll read that week.

However, his Screen Wipe review show, which pretty much translates ‘Screen Burn’ into pictures, hasn’t been so compelling. The first season, now entertainingly described as “three pilot episodes”, was all over the place, as I pointed out in my Off The Telly review at the time.

Watching this season, I have the oddest feeling he’s read it because he’s fixed most of the problems.

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