New Danny Wallace game show on the way

Oh goody. Another hateful BBC1 quiz show. This time, Danny Wallace is to host School’s Out, “the celebrity quiz show for BBC1 that we should all be able to win because it’s inspired by what we all learned at school.”

The marketing evil goes on:

Some things we can still remember, some still confuse us and for some we simply weren’t paying attention. Everyone went to school and every answer in this quiz we will have known, even if it was just for one day and forgotten the next. In School’s Out, three celebrities will go back to school and compete against each other, answering questions based on the school curriculum for a chance to win prizes for either their old school, their children’s school or another school of their choice. With host Danny Wallace, laden with the teacher attitude, irony and sarcasm (that we love, in hindsight) we’ll see just how far we’ve dumbed down since our school days.

Where do you start with an idea that rubbish?

“Okay, Neil Stuke from EastEnders, can you tell me the first differential with respect to theta of tan theta? You have 20 seconds, starting now! No? Okay, Tamzin Outhwaite, you can steal a bonus by telling me what the atomic mass of Molybdenum is… No? Three of the land concessions the Germans made through the Treaty of Versailles…? No…?”

It’s going to be a long, long evening.


IT Crowd theme tune

Since a lot of you are coming here now to find out what the theme tune to The IT Crowd was (why??), I thought I’d put you all out of your misery: it was a specially composed track by Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy (who came up with the theme to Father Ted, you may recall). It’s not been released commercially yet, but I’m sure it will be at some point.


More entertaining Bond news

Will the new Bond movie Casino Royale be even half as entertaining as the advance news? Hot on the heels of Daniel Craig losing his front teeth in a fight (apparently they were part of his plate, not actual teeth. Ugh.) and the discovery that he can’t drive a manual transmission car come a couple of new gem-ettes.

First up, Ford are paying the producers £14 million to get Craig to drive a Mondeo. Pretty much as suave as Texas Hold ‘Em, that.

Second, in a desperate attempt to garner some positive publicity, Craig’s volunteering to go full frontal nude. Of course, the producers haven’t agreed. What a surprise. Nothing quite like an empty gesture, is there?


K9 and Sarah Jane Smith back for another series. Again.

K9 and Company

It’s not often failed pilots get a reprieve 25 years on, but K9 and Company might have a second chance as a series according to The Sun. This isn’t new news – I’d heard whispers about it a couple of months ago – and it’s still not exactly confirmed, but given that one paper’s picked this up means it’s more likely than I’d previously thought. However, The Sun does say the target audience is children. But will kids be interested in Sarah Jane? Dads, yes, but kids…?

K9 and Company failed to make it as a series back in 1981 for a number of reasons, incidentally: as well as a transmitter going down just before it aired, killing a good portion of the potential ratings, it was spoilt by a rubbish theme tune and a title sequence that tried to make a convertible Mini Metro look exotic. The script was pretty good though. Roll on a new series, I say.


Maybe BBC1 is taking Doctor Who a little too seriously…

Nothing kills a popular show faster than over-hyping. In their mad rush to claw huge quantities of cash and ratings out of DT and co, it’s possible they’re starting to fall into this particular trap (assuming they haven’t already). Take a look at this concept for a new CBBC show: Totally Doctor Who.

Totally Doctor Who are recruiting cadets for a Companion Academy. Eight Cadets will be picked, but only the best will make it through the gruelling physical and mental challenges of the Academy. The prize? A day on the Doctor Who set.

Or if you think you’re the biggest Who brainbox around, take the Who-ru challenge. Stump the Totally Doctor Who studio guests with your Who knowledge and you’ll walk away with some serious prizes.

And Totally Doctor Who also want to hear how much you love Doctor Who. Have you built your own time machine or held a Doctor Who fancy dress party? Send in your photos, videos, stories, pictures, or anything else.

Plus, if you’ve got a burning question you want to put to Doctor Who cast or crew, send it in and the Totally team will do their best to get an answer.

It’s like a junior nerd recruitment drive. And what’s more likely to kill off Doctor Who in the public imagination again? If it becomes really nerdy and anal. Oh dear.Kelly Reilly, David Tennant 4