Big Brother has already gripped me, despite my best attempts

As per usual, I vowed not to watch Big Brother this year. I’ve vowed this every year it’s been on (well from season 2 because it wasn’t that important, season 1). I’ve always ended up watching it though. Last night was no different. My wife wanted to see it, I was doing the ironing. Ta da! I watched the launch show all the way through: I fell at the first hurdle. It’s a good job I’ve never had to give up smoking with willpower like that.

It’s usually a bit fashionable to say from the outset that this year’s contestants are the worst examples of humanity since the previous year’s contestants. I’m going to buck the trend and say, actually, they weren’t that bad. So here’s my potted take on all of them:

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Bring back Bring Back… The A-Team

The A-TeamI failed completely to watch Bring Back… The A-Team last night, despite wanting to see what the cast were up to these days (apart from slagging off the new series of Battlestar Galactica, that is). I think that’s because my extreme loathing of Justin Lee Collins was too much for me; my subconscious blanked the programme from my mind and I simply forgot all about it.

Instead, you’ll have to read Sam Wollaston’s review in The Guardian to find out what it was like. Sorry.

It doesn’t sound like it was that good: they couldn’t get Mr T into the same room as Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz, for one thing, and they failed to even look for the other members of the team – that bloke who played Frankie in the final season, the guy who played Face in the pilot episode and either of the women from the first two seasons. Set their sights a bit low, there. Tsk, tsk.