Today’s Robin Hood reviews

While Stu_N and I are busy discussing the definitions of “family entertainment”, feel free to enjoy these choice quotes of mild praise/not outright scorn for Robin Hood from today’s papers. I think we’re all agreed about Jonas Armstrong though:

Robin Hood, BBC1

“We’ll have to wait until the merry men are all assembled before a final scoring, but on the strength of this first episode, they haven’t missed the target altogether.”

Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent

Robin Hood, BBC1

“Jonas Armstrong as Robin could have come straight from the pages of Lisa Simpson’s favourite magazine, Non-Threatening Boys.”

James Walton, The Daily Telegraph

Robin Hood, BBC1

“I like that it’s managed to put aside the legacies of Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Robin Hood: Men in Tights to realise that, if Robin Hood is about anything, it’s about left-wing northern lads spoiling for a fight with the establishment.”

Caitlin Moran, The Times

Robin Hood, BBC1

“Despite the glorious Technicolour, it’s comforting to watch something so black and white.”

Matt Baylis, Daily Express & Daily Star