What have you been watching? Including Justice Society: World War II and Debris

Justice Society World War 2

It’s been a relatively quiet week or so for TMINE, with most of the regulars having departed for pastures new last week. Or something. But I did watch one TV show and a movie.

Debris was a two-parter of marvellousness. One of TMINE’s golden rules of sci-fi is that sooner or later, ever sci-fi show will do its own version of Groundhog Day and Debris tackled it in its usual surprising and sometimes nasty way – what if what you did in every version of the loop could affect the next loop, even if you couldn’t remember what happened the previous time? It was a real mind-blowing affair that almost gave us a new cast every loop, which was intriguing to see, particularly since some of the characters had been hinted at in previous episodes. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Meanwhile, I also caught another piece of alternative reality fun in the form of Justice Society: World War II, in which the Flash accidentally travels to an alternative World War II where Wonder Woman is leading the charge against the Nazis, aided by Steve Trevor, Hourman, another Flash, Black Canary and Hawkman. But no Superman. There he has to puzzle out how to get back to his own reality, help the Justice Society and maybe learn a little something that could help him in his own time. Except there’s another alternative reality super person or two who might help or hinder them all as well…

It’s actually the best of these animated DC movies I’ve seen so far. The animation is a bit less anime, a bit more Archer than normal. Wonder Woman – Stana Katic (Castle, Absentia) channelling her Israeli accent from Heroes again to do an almost perfect Gal Gadot impression – is the true heroine of the piece and more kick ass than you’ll ever have seen her, even in her own animated movies, but everyone gets their moment to shine. Black Canary’s moment is downright terrifying, in fact. You won’t be underestimating her again.

It’s also pretty gruesome, with various heroes getting killed in unpleasant ways, which was unexpected, making for a somewhat different movie from the one I was expecting. Yet there’s actually plenty of humour, too, so not a DC grim fest.

Those pluses are slightly countered, however, by the fact this feels a touch open-ended, with various moments never really explained, presumably because a sequel is planned.

If you like animated DC heroes, this is a refreshing change from the usual, but if you don’t, there’s nothing in the movie to really make you change your mind.

But what did you watch?