Happy 15th birthday to The Medium is Not Enough!

A birthday cake

Crikey, as I always say, shortly after posting an image that was considered high resolution in 2005 – how did that happen?

Time has flown again. The Medium Is Not Enough emerged blinking into the world on 21 June 2005, which is now a stupefying one and a half decades ago – 15 whole Earth years – primed to make sarcastic comments about UK and foreign TV, mainly from the US, mainly in languages I can speak, with reviews of Prison Break, Supernatural, and Global Frequency.

Jesus. I might actually have been moderately young then. Although the fact I consider that young probably suggests I’m quite old now.

This year in review

This year has been odd, I think it’s fair to say. This isn’t TMINE’s fault. There’s just been this worldwide pandemic. That means that TMINE’s 15th anniversary hasn’t been as glorious as I’d have liked.

It’s fair to say that for the average person, furloughed at home and with nowt to do but watch Netflix and the newly launched Disney+, this time has brought a boom in TV viewing. But for those of us still working but without an hour-long commute in the morning, an hour-long solo lunchbreak and an hour-long commute in the evening – as well as less ironing to do – it’s severely affected our ability to watch TV.

COVID-19 has also affected people’s ability to make TV. That’s meant there’s been less and less TV for TMINE review, with even less in the near future.

Oddly, though, it seems largely to have affected those currently making TV; those who used to make TV but have stopped have ended up making TV again. We’ve had all manner of charity read-throughs from long-dead shows such as Chuck, Community and even The Nanny, as well as new episodes of old shows including 30 Rock (coming soon, folks) and Parks and Recreation.

Still, necessity has been the mother of invention, and many organisations have started the move to online working and events, with the BFI, RTS and BAFTA all shifting to webinars. And TMINE has launched both a new Viral Video category as well as a replacement movie review service – Covideodrome – to cater for the fact the cinemas are all shut, too.

Hopefully, you all still find it useful and entertaining, both new and old features alike.

All the same despite these adjustments, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait until everything’s back to normal.

Thank you!

As always, a great big thank you to all the hardcore regular TMINE commenters: Mark Carroll, JustStark, Adam Bowie and Craig Grannell. Bless your hearts for sticking with me all this time! Thank yous as well to the commenters on the TMINE Facebook page.

But thank yous as well to anyone who’s left even one comment this year, either here or on Facebook – it’s been great to hear from you!

Same time next year everyone? I say that every year, don’t I? Anyway, there’ll be cake, albeit the same photo of a cake as last year, so bring your friends.