In Stargirl, exactly how old are characters supposed to be

So DC Universe’s Stargirl is supposed to be set in the present day (or at least 2019, when it was filmed). Nine years earlier, there was a group of superheroes called the Justice Society of America. They all have a very 1950s vibe, despite living in the far off year of 2010.

They all seem to drive around in cars from the 1950s and 1960s and their costumes have a distinctly archaic look. Is there a reason why?

The latest episode of Stargirl, however, suggests that maybe the producers just thought it looked cool for their fluffy teenager-oriented superhero show and that anyone thinking about it too hard clearly has too much time on their hands. Because we now have a presumably definitive answer to that dating question.

Yep, Doctor Mid-nite was born in 1914 and was an active member of the Justice Society of America until he died in battle, aged 96.

That’ll teach you to look too hard.


Stargirl is explicitly part of the same multiverse as the Arrowverse, as it was featured at the end of the latest crossover event. That featured Arrow/Spectre reconfiguring the timelines of every universe in the multiverse, which led to various discrepancies and changes in the timelines of those universes.

So if you really want to apply some NerdFilla™, you could argue that this is a sign that Oliver wasn’t paying attention and really messed everything up for the Stargirl universe. While simultaneously causing the cancellation of Swamp Thing.