What TV’s on at the RTS in July? Including TV’s Global Game

Every so often, TMINE flags up what new TV events the Royal Television Society is holding around the UK

Do you know, I think the RTS is now doing more events than it was pre-COVID? How fascinating. Here’s the latest Zoom webinar.

TV’s Global Game

Date: Thursday 2 July
Timings: 2pm-3pm

Ever wonder what makes the TV industry global?

How do our favourite gameshows and dramas make their way on to screens all around the world? Well, behind every TV mega-hit there’s a distribution team who have orchestrated the success and turned them into worldwide brands. And at every broadcaster, a team of acquisitions experts select the best shows to buy or invest in.

In this webinar, leading figures in the UK lift the lid on how TV’s global game is played and how you can find your way in.

Speakers to be announced

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