Why you should be watching Doom Patrol, explained in one scene

Okay, so no one in the UK has yet acquired US streaming service DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, so you may never get to see it in the UK, which is a shame.

Equally, a UK network might still acquire it or Warner Bros might well be holding back from selling the rights, so they can feature in on their own streaming service when they launch it in the UK, just as Disney is doing with Disney+. You might, therefore, not want to watch this video, since it’s from episode 12 so a little bit spoilery (but not much, so I don’t think you’ll lose anything from watching it now).

But if you do watch it, it will show you why US streaming service DC Universe’s Doom Patrol can occasionally be a work of actual genius and the nearest that DC has to its own version of Deadpool.

What is Doom Patrol?

Just for a bit of background, the Doom Patrol are a bunch of not especially good, occasionally quite sweary superheroes played by the likes of April Bowlby, Matt Boemer and Brendan Fraser. However, their leader – Niles Caulder aka The Chief (played by Timothy Dalton) – has been abducted by the bad guy, Mr Nobody (Alan Tudyk).

What makes Mr Nobody so fascinating a character – and Doom Patrol a work of genius – is that he is both a character in the show and its narrator. More so, he actually has power over the narrative and knows he’s in a TV show. Specifically, one on streaming TV service DC Universe…

That’s enough background. Now watch all of this. All the way to the end.