When’s that show you mentioned starting, TMINE? Including Bad Banks, Tijuana, Ms Fisher and Black Summer

Bad Banks

Every Friday, TMINE lets you know when the latest TV shows from around the world will air in the UK

One new acquisition with a premiere date this week. The rest we already knew about but were just waiting to hear when they’d air…

Premiere dates

Bad Banks

Bad Banks (Germany: ZDF/Arte; UK: Channel 4)
Premiere date: Thursday, 4 April, 11.05pm

It’s taken more than a year between acquisition and airing, but finally we know Bad Banks is going to air in a couple of weeks. It’s billed as a “sophisticated financial drama from Germany about a young, ambitious investment banker who is drawn into a merciless and convoluted power play after being wrongly fired from her prestigious job”.

I watched the trailer. I can’t say I agree.


Tijuana (Netflix)
Premiere date: Friday, April 5

Netflix Mexican original. When a prominent politician is murdered, the intrepid journalists of Frente Tijuana risk their lives to uncover the truth.

Stars: Damián Alcázar, Tamara Vallarta and Rolf Petersen.

Ms Fisher and Steed

Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries (Australia: Seven; UK: Alibi)
Premiere date: Wednesday, April 10, 9pm

Spin-off series of TV movies from ABC’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries set in the 1960s that sees the original Miss Fisher’s niece, Geraldine Hakewill, get dragged into the investigating business when her previously unknown to her aunt disappears. Has Hakewill inherited any of Miss Fisher’s skills?

No, she hasn’t. But with the help of some other adventuresses, a bit of working class moxie and more 60s clichés than you can shake a lava lamp at, she might still save the day.

Best thought of not just as the Tara King version of The Avengers to Miss Fisher‘s Cathy Gale, but also as something almost unrelated to the original. It’s a diverting enough show, but without any real attractions.

Episode reviews: 1

Black Summer

Black Summer (Netflix)
Premiere date: Thursday, April 11

US Netflix original prequel to Syfy (US)’s Z Nation, in which mother Jaime King is separated from her daughter, so embarks on a harrowing journey on which she’ll stop at nothing to find her. Thrust alongside a small group of American refugees, she must brave a hostile new world and make brutal decisions during the most deadly summer of a zombie apocalypse.

Yeah, not watching that.


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