The Flash gives us the season one finale of Heroes we always wanted

Peter and Sylar

Cast your mind back about a decade. Remember Heroes? Remember the first season, where two of the ‘heroes’ went around collecting other people’s powers? How we longed for the final showdown to see them face off against each other and use all their abilities to the max.

Then we got this.

Oh dear. It’s more or less what killed the show. People stopped caring after that. If you promise spectacle, you’d better deliver.

Whatever the reasons for the letdown, whether it be a simple lack of creative ambition, a failure to understand superheroics or the rumoured last-minute salary hike demanded by certain cast members that led to a massive budget cut, Heroes didn’t deliver.

Meanwhile, The Flash has just delivered. Apparently. I gave up on it at the start of this (fourth) season and nothing I’ve heard about it since then has made me think I’ve made the wrong decision. Except for this – a somewhat unexpected fight scene that not only tops the ‘single shot’ Daredevil hallway scene, albeit less acrobatically…

…but finally gives us a hint of what that Heroes season one finale could have been like, even if it is all a bit one-sided. Spoilers ahoy, obviously.