When’s that show you mentioned starting, TMINE? Including Stan Against Evil, Brockmire, Pulsaciones, Dietland, Station 19, Barry and Siren


Every Friday, TMINE lets you know when the latest TV shows from around the world will air in the UK

A couple of weeks’ worth of acquisitions and premiere dates to catch up on, but you’ll be delighted to hear there are at least some new shows headed to the UK in the near future. Some, in fact, are already here.

On the acquisitions front, “actor turned detective” Jerry O’Connell show Carter (AXN) has been picked up by Alibi and will air in 2018. Also airing some time this year (probably) is The Detail (Canada: CTV), which will be on Channel 5. Everything else that’s been acquired I can actually give you premiere dates for:

Premiere dates

Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil (US: IFC; UK: Fox UK)
Airs: Thursdays, 11.30pm (started yesterday)

Retired crotchety sheriff John C McGinley has to rejoin the action when witches and all manner of other supernatural beasts start to terrorist his town. It’s a comedy, mind.

Episode reviews: 1-4


Brockmire (US: IFC; UK: Fox UK)
Airs: Fridays, 12.00am (started today)

Hank Azaria plays Jim Brockmire, a famed major league baseball announcer who suffers an embarrassing and very public meltdown live on the air after discovering his beloved wife’s serial infidelity. A decade later, Jim decides to reclaim his career and love life in a small American rust belt town that has seen better days, calling minor league baseball games for the Morristown Frackers. The struggling team is led by Amanda Peet, the strong-willed, hard-drinking owner, and Tyrel Jackson Williams, the naïve but enthusiastic team intern.


Pulsaciones (Lifeline) (Spain: Antena 3; UK: Channel 4/All 4)
Premiere date: Sunday, April 15, 10pm

Heart transplant recipient (Pablo Derqui) starts getting visions of the donor’s life. To avoid going mad, he must complete the donor’s unfinished business and help to discover with the help of a journalist (Meritxell Calvo) why people are disappearing in Madrid.

Station 19

Station 19 (US: ABC; UK: Sky Living)
Premiere date: Wednesday, April 18, 10pm

Grey’s Anatomy spin-off about firefighters. Nuff said.

Henry Winkler in HBO's Barry

Barry (US: HBO; UK: Sky Atlantic)
Premiere date: Thursday, April 26, 10.45pm

Hitman Bill Hader is getting tired of his job and decides he’d like to be an actor instead, so joins Henry Winkler’s acting classes. Trouble is, the job might not let him get very far with his new career. Same tone as Grosse Pointe Blank, but not as funny.

Episode reviews: 1


Siren (US: Freeform; UK: Syfy)
Premiere date: Thursday, May 3, 9pm

Mermaid ventures onto dry land to find her missing sister – and is willing to kill anyone who gets in her way. A nice idea with a great lead that’s miles away from Splash and The Little Mermaid, but the show’s let down by the rest of its cast.

Episode reviews: 1-3


Dietland (US: AMC; UK: Amazon)
Premiere date: Tuesday, June 5

Dark Marti Noxon comedy that follows fashion magazine writer Joy Nash as she takes ‘a journey to self-awakening’ while exploring a multitude of issues faced by women today, including patriarchy, misogyny, rape culture and unrealistic beauty standards. Julianna Margulies plays her boss.

So fresh, there’s not even a YouTube trailer yet! This might work for Americans, though:


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