Baron Noir returns for season 2 next week in France

Baron Noir

Baron Noir was one of TMINE’s favourite shows of 2016, a marvellous French political drama that somehow managed to predict and combine the Corbyn Labour leadership competition and Brexit then relocate them to France and actually inject them with some charisma.

Now it’s back, ready to regale us with a second season – at least in France. Here’s the rubric (with spoilers for season 1, obvs):

Caught between the extreme right and religious fanaticism, to ‘save the Republic’ Amélie Dorendeu, candidate for the presidential election, decides to follow the risky strategy of ‘Baron Noir’ Philippe Rickwaert, who’s just out of prison and forced to be her secret counsellor pending his trial.

But the country’s divisions are creating an unprecedented institutional crisis. Will Rickwaert’s tactical genius succeed in reconciling the irreconcilable? Will Amélie become the woman of state that he had dreamed or his worst enemy – the one who knows everything about him and more? Will the Baron Noir assume his own destiny and reveal his true nature?

There’s a great big trailer over on the Canal+ web site, along with clips and featurettes, but here’s a few smaller trailers that Canal+ has deigned to put on YouTube.