When’s that show you mentioned starting, TMINE? Including Will

Laurie Davidson as William Shakespeare
Laurie Davidson as William Shakespeare in TNT's Will

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Netflix decided to binge this week, buying up a slew of shows that it’s going to air in January some time. Black Lightning is The CW (US)’s new superhero show – that hasn’t started yet and going on past form, Netflix will probably be showing episodes the day after they air in the US, which would mean it’ll become available starting Wednesday January 17.

Also coming to Netflix in January are Outsiders (US: WGN America) and Underground (US: WGN America), both of which I’ve reviewed elsewhere. Meanwhile, department store-set comedy Superstore (US: NBC) has been acquired by ITV2 and will air some time in 2018.

That just leaves:

Will (US: TNT; UK: Virgin)
Premiere date: Friday, December 29

Baz Luhrmann/A Knight’s Tale-esque retelling of William Shakespeare’s ‘missing years’ after he arrives in London as a young man. A punk-infused adrenaline-rush, the first episode is a genuinely great bit of television, after which everything becomes a lot duller and more pedestrian, and the whole thing gets messed up by an attempt to make Will a secret Catholic rebel. The show was cancelled after its first season of 10 episodes but watch the first if you can and regard it as a mini-movie treat to be savoured in its own right.

Episode reviews: 1, 3