The Almeida’s production of The Twilight Zone now has photos and a teaser video

The Twilight Zone at The Almeida

Remember that production of The Twilight Zone coming to The Almeida theatre in December? Well, things are proceeding apace, it seems. We have some rehearsal photographs, such as this:

Behind the scenes of The Twilight Zone

(Bonus points if you can work out what episodes they’re adapting, purely from the photographs)

There’s a YouTube teaser video:

And director Tom Brennan has written an article about the difficulties of adapting episodes of an old US TV show for the stage:

So the TV show was like a kind of theatre, and in turn the theatre show is based on TV. It’s a strange transference of forms. There are certainly many questions that arise when thinking about the legacy of the show and its new manifestation on stage.

How do you do a pre-commercial break cliff-hanger onstage?
How do you create a high-concept perspective twist with no camera?
What is the best form for building tension?
What is the best form for creating a sense of the paranoid, the mysterious, the genuinely strange?

Forgive him for not knowing that The Twilight Zone wasn’t ‘the original anthology show’, mind.

I’m going to see it in December. How about you?