Linda Hamilton’s back for Terminator trilogy; The Deuce renewed; Dave Allen biopic; + more

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New UK TV shows

  • Big Talk developing: adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s Lockwood & Co books
  • BBC Two green lights: Dave Allen biopic Dave Allen At Peace, with Aidan Gillen, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Robert Bathurst et al


New US TV shows

  • Mark Carroll

    I generally like Terminator movies, at least moderately; we’ll see what happens I guess.

    • JustStark

      Well, it can’t be worse than the second half of Terminator: Genisys, because that is not possible according to all the laws of the universe, logic and sanity.

      • You honestly would not believe how many times my wife has watched T:G. You really wouldn’t. So there’s clearly something to it – at least for her

  • I really like Terminator 3. Because I am a terrible person, apparently. But the movies just keep getting worse and worse.

    • JustStark

      I don’t think it’s terrible to like something with Clare Danes in it.

      • Well, Danes and Stahl are big parts of why I like it. In fact, I think that was the first film that I really noticed Danes in (hadn’t watched a lot of her early stuff at that point).

      • Mark Carroll

        Absolutely. She’s great at being non-verbally expressive.

      • Her too

    • T3 is okay. It has issues, but it’s not totally terrible. It’s got David Andrews in as well, which is always a plus

      • I think it’s really funny, and feels the least disjointed. T1 is very well constructed in many ways, but held back a bit by budget. T2 is beautifully made, but I find Furlong’s performance and his scripting to really not work as well as everything else in the movie. From a craft perspective, T2 is obviously the best, but T3 just works for me much better.

        • Furlong was supposed to have the authenticity of street-kiddiness about him. Instead he just acted as well as a kid off the street.

          T1’s the best, I reckon. T2 is the same plot but with better budgets and the ante upped a bit more, but all the nice rough edges and punkiness of T1 smoothed off, so that it’s less interesting. But it’s still close and I like Robert Patrick’s Terminator for being closer to Cameron’s original idea of a Terminator being an infiltration unit who can just blend in.