Promo for ABC’s Somewhere Between – a Groundhog Day murder-mystery

ABC's Somewhere Between
Paula Patton in ABC's Somewhere Between

Not content to leave summer completely at the mercy of CBS, ABC is also launching its own sci-fi (ish) limited series this month. Somewhere Between is based on SBS (Korea)’s TV series God’s Gift: 14 Days and sees Paula Patton playing a mom whose eight-year-old daughter is kidnapped and murdered… except Patton discovers she can roll time back 14 days and perhaps save her daughter, with the help of ex-cop PI Devon Sawa (Nikita).

Now ABC has form for limited series about Groundhog Day-style crime stories with the Taye Diggs’ starrer Daybreak – which it cancelled after about seven episodes, releasing the rest of the episodes online, so whether this will be more successful or whether ABC will be more benevolent with Somewhere Between is going to be interesting to watch. The show itself? Well, here’s a promo…