When’s that show you mentioned starting again, TMINE? Including East Los High

Hulu's East Los High

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Very slow week this week. Very slow. In fact, there’s only been one acquisition this week:

East Los High

My5 – you know, Channel 5’s on-demand service that you’re always using – has acquired this just-cancelled Hulu (US) show. I know literally nothing about it, since it’s basically for young adults, but here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

East Los High is a five-time Emmy nominated Hulu original series that revolves around the lives of a group of teens navigating their final years at a fictional high school in East LA. Created, written, and produced by Wise Entertainment, the series is Hulu’s first and only series with an all Latino cast and crew and is predominantly filmed in East Los Angeles. The producers of the show work closely with numerous public health organizations to incorporate information within the storylines that encourage young Latinos to make healthy life choices

Anyway, it lasted four seasons and you’ll be able to watch it on My5 at some point, maybe soon, maybe not. I’ll let you know when there’s an official date, but you won’t have to wait to watch the first episode, since Hulu’s put it up on YouTube for y’all: