Resolution for Frequency and No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow

As we discussed on Friday, normally, when shows get cancelled following a cliffhanger, that’s that. Sometimes, a showrunner will fess up and explain what the plans were for subsequent seasons, but often, they’ll keep schtum while they shop the show around and then give up.

So a little kudos to The CW which has actually gone to the trouble of funding mini-conclusions to two of its recently cancelled shows: Frequency and No Tomorrow. True, you have to have access to The CW app or site to watch them, making it a bit of a bittersweet gift for international viewers, particularly those legitimately watching Frequency on Netflix, for example. But it’s nice of them to do it.

Frequency gets the better treatment, though, receiving an actual filmed epilogue that winds things up. One enterprising fan has posted it online for the rest of world to enjoy, so watch it while you can. Unlike the movie, it doesn’t end with daddy turning up with a shotgun.

No Tomorrow, meanwhile, has simply had its season finale extended on the site with a couple of extra minutes that reveals whether the asteroid struck the Earth and brought humanity to an end as we know it. No, no spoilers.