More Fox trailers for the Fall 2017-8 season

Upfronts week continues and slightly uncharacteristically, the networks are releasing trailers for their new shows before as well as after their presentations. Yesterday, we looked at Fox’s trailer for The Gifted, but now it’s released a whole bunch more. 

So after the jump, take a gander at:

  • The Orville – Seth McFarlane’s comedy Star Trek
  • The Resident – Training Day with doctors
  • LA to Vegas – office comedy set on planes
  • Ghosted – comedy The X-Files

The Orville
The Seth MacFarlane-created series is set 300 years in the future and follows the adventures of the Orville, an exploratory ship in Earth’s interstellar fleet. Facing cosmic challenges from without and within, the motley crew of space explorers will “boldly go where no comedic drama has gone before.” Starring Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J Lee and Halston Sage.

The Resident
An idealistic young doctor (Manish Dayal) begins his first day under the supervision of a tough, brilliant senior resident who pulls the curtain back on all of the good and evil in modern day medicine. Lives may be saved or lost, but expectations will always be shattered. Starring Dayal, Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, Bruce Greenwood and Valerie Cruz.

LA to Vegas
An ensemble workplace comedy about a group of underdogs who are trying to find their place in the world that is set on the Friday night flight from L.A. to Vegas and the returning flight on Sunday, who all share the same goal: to come back a winner in the casino of life. Starring Ed Weeks, Dylan McDermott, Kim Matula and Olivia Macklin.

A cynical skeptic (The Office alum Craig Robinson), and a genius “true believer” in the paranormal (Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation), are recruited by The Bureau Underground to look into the rampant “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles — all while uncovering a larger mystery that could threaten the existence of the human race. Starring Adam Scott, Craig Robinson, Edi Patterson, Ally Walker and Adeel Akhtar.