Intu Bromley really, really likes HG Wells now

In June, my current home town of Bromley decided it was going to start celebrating HG Wells again, after getting rid of the mural to him that used to be here the best part of a decade ago. Well, I say Bromley but it’s actually huge corporate giant Intu, which took over the Glades shopping centre a few years ago and renamed it Intu Bromley. 

Since then, things have progressed. The Lego Time Machine has now been given a permanent home in a glass case at the foot of the ground floor escalators. 

And this weekend, in a probably temporary display, we got this:

The Intu Bromley HG Wells exhibition

HG Wells Time Machine

HG Wells war machine

So well done to the greedy giant corporate for doing what the council arguably should be doing. At least this weekend. I imagine it’ll be Santa’s Grotto  next week.