Come to Bromley and see the Lego time machine

It has to be said there’s not a lot to come and look at in my (current) home of Bromley, SE London. There’s the Churchill Theatre, if you happen to like a lot of musicals and murder-mysteries. But that’s about it. Tourists – do not come here.

However, look what’s just showed up in the Intu (sic) shopping centre (formerly ‘The Glades’):

Yes, it’s HG Wells’ Time Machine fashioned out of Lego! Or at least a version of the version of HG Wells’ Time Machine featured in the 1960 movie The Time Machine.

Why? Well, HG Wells was born here. There’s even a blue plaque on the TK Maxx (formerly Allders) in the high street.

Of course, we used to have a mural to HG Wells in the High Street, featuring the three-legged Martian war machines from War of the Worlds.

Bromley's old HG Wells mural

That’s now been replaced by a mural of Charles Darwin, who used to live here. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because that’s not actually a three-leggged HG Wells Martian war machine, but a Tripod from the BBC adaptation of John Christopher’s The Tripods.

Oh, Bromley…