News: Kingdom renewed; Alex Kingston joins Gilmore Girls; Zachary Quinto: Biopunk; + more

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New US TV show casting

  • tobyob

    I realize I'm being pissy, but I hate when TV show titles get reused for shows that have no connection to the originals, no matter how good the new series may be. 'The Goldbergs', 'The Defenders'… I thought I was getting a fourth season of the Stephen Fry dramedy when I saw the link for 'Kingdom'.

  • Mark Carroll

    Ha, yes, a considerably different show! It does confuse, though many titles are so short and generic that overlap is unsurprising. I've often wished BBC iPlayer would with movies make obvious the year of release to help me figure out which it is they're actually showing.

  • The more you look at global TV, too, the more you discover that another country has already been there with a name. They all want something short so it'll fit in the TV Guide or on the DVD boxset. Still, at least episode titles are getting longer again. I was a bit tired of the Smallville-esque one-wonders that had been in vogue last decade

  • That would be helpful, yes