Yes, Spain does do science-fiction: meet El ministerio del tiempo

Although it always seems to be about time travel…

The latest Spanish sci-fi show is La 1’s El ministerio del tiempo (The Ministry of Time). I don’t speak Spanish, but as far as I can tell, it’s about a Spanish government ministry that tries to stop other countries from changing history to benefit themselves at the expense of Spain.

The show focuses on the ministry’s newest ‘patrol’ – Army of Flanders soldier Alonso de Entrerríos, 19th century student Amelia Folch and 21st century Samur paramedic Julián Martínez – who as well as avoiding the temptation to kill Hitler, et al, before the Second World War starts, frequently have to stop artistic works from being stolen/destroyed/never created, with everything from Don Quixote to Guernica needing to be rescued.

Currently airing its second season, it looks a lot of fun and won last year’s Ondas Award for Best Spanish TV series. Perhaps most interestingly for TV nerds like me, there’s an episode in which Michelle Jenner plays Queen Isabel I of Spain, who was the first to establish the Ministry back in 1491 – Jenner, of course, played Isabel in soapy biopic Isabel, which aired over here on Sky Arts. Nice crossover work, guys.