Life on Mars in Spain

It's Life on Mars in Spain

La chica de ayer

Since Ashes to Ashes is (thankfully) finishing tonight, it seems appropriate to show what Life on Mars is like in other countries. Now, we’ve already looked at Life on Mars in the US in some detail. So let’s go Spanish today, with Antena 3’s La chica de ayer (The Girl from Yesterday), in which the Spanish police detective Samuel Santos leaves 2009 and finds himself in 1977, where has to take the orders of the old school Joaquín “Quin” Gallardo and deal with his fellow officers, Raimundo García and José Cristóbal Mateo. But there is the upside of the lovely Ana Valverde.

Is he loco, in a coma, or back in time? No sabe.

I have a very small idea about what they’re saying in these vids, but six weeks of Teach Yourself Instant Spanish didn’t give me much insight into murder investigations, desgraciadamente. You can see more videos at the Antena 3 web site, and hopefully work out what’s different for yourselves.

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