News: Royal Pains cancelled; new Captain America trailer; The Tick remake; + more

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  • Jane Seymour, Jessica Hynes, Shaun Parkes et al join Sky 1’s Hooten & The Lady


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New US TV show casting

  • Andy Butcher

    Spidey! I squeeeed. 😛

  • Mark Carroll

    There's certainly a lot being written online about very few seconds of footage! Mostly good, though. (-:

  • Mark Carroll

    I'd indeed probably like more John Le Carré dramas.

  • If they're done well, certainly. I'm storing up The Night Manager for a slack period of the year. When that'll be, of course, is a complicated question…

  • It does look very cool and I have great hopes for it, certainly given the Russo Brothers are working on it

  • It was a fun moment. Doesn't look like he's going to overshadow things, either

  • Mark Carroll

    I too am storing up The Night Manager, though I've also yet to start Trapped.

  • JustStark

    I too am storing up The Night Manager

    I've been watching it; oh goodness not one single cliché is left undone, but they are all done very well.