Limitless shouts out to Ash vs Evil Dead… or maybe just Cthulhu

It’s from the latest episode of Limitless, but I don’t know enough about either the Evil Dead series or the Cthulhu mythos to be able to tell you to which it’s a shout-out. Anyone have a definitive answer?

  • JustStark

    The Necronomicon is certainly an H.P. Lovecraft thing (it's what Wilbur is looking for in The Dunwich Horror, but I don't know if that's its first appearance).

  • It features in both, but I don't know enough about Cthulu to know what's supposedly inside the Necronomicon. The interior pictures look like the ones in the Necronomicon of Ash vs Evil Dead, but they aren't straight lifts. So it could be:

    a) A nod to Evil Dead, but one that doesn't want to infringe copyright
    b) A nod to Cthulu with both Evil Dead and Limitless imitating the kinds of pictures and writing that the Necronomicon is supposed to contain
    c) Something else

  • JustStark

    Oh, right. Well, obviously, Lovecraft's stories are prose, so there aren't pictures of the insides; and the Necronomicon exists in the stories in several editions and translations anyway (the plot of 'The Dunwich Horror' is that Wilbur's own copy, inherited from his grandfather, doesn't have the passages he needs, so he has to steal Arkham's) so in that sense I think the only reference really could be the name, unless they also mention the fictional author or any of the translators.

    (In fact I'm not sure the 'original' manuscript ever appears in a Lovecraft story; I think only translations are available, though I could be wrong about that.)

    I've seen The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II but I don't know enough to comment on that, maybe someone else does.

    Also: two 'h's in Cthulhu. I mean, not that he won't eat you if you spell his name right, but you know.

  • Thank you . Cthulhu suitably amended everywhere on the site. Me and names…

  • Andy Butcher

    Well, the Evil Dead version is a nod to Lovecraft, so… 😉