• JustStark

    That is a truly ridiculously expensive advertisement (though I doubt the actors saw much of the money).

  • I bet Paul Rudd did, albeit for just doing a voiceover. Does Ruffalo do anything in this? I'm not even sure that's him at the beginning, and they've probably so motion captured him already, they don't need him to turn up to Hulk out.

    Still, Coke has money to spare, so I guess it doesn't care how much it costs.

  • JustStark

    Yeah, that's what I meant: there's no faces so clearly the actors just did a V/O day (and maybe only one of them, at that!) and I don't care how famous they are, that's going to be peanuts compared to the F/X. I mean, they must have closed off an entire junction and set up how many cars for, what, four seconds of footage?! Though I suppose the impact dust isn't practical (and the second ground impact is out of shot, so the rubble was pre-set), so they did cut some corners.

    And they can afford it. But still, for what that minute cost, you could probably have made, what, three average-sized British movies…

  • I suspect they could have reused a lot of footage and CGI from The Avengers, but yes, probably about three British movies in all. But it was a Superbowl ad and there's a long tradition of stupidly expensive, one-off commercials airing during the Superbowl – what did it get this year? 119 million viewers?

  • JustStark

    Actually true, if they already had the street scene with the swerving cars (which I suppose given the number of superhero films they have made they might well do) that cuts down on the cost a lot, it's just CGI and a couple of sets.

    I know about this quaint American traditional but that hardly makes it less amazing. I mean, mainly it's just advertising that they have the money to do them, but then I do hear that Americans are a vulgar people, easily impressed by the trappings of success, and bad haircuts.