Weekly Wonder Woman: Sensation Comics #38, Injustice: Gods Among Us #6

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 4 #6

It’s a relatively quiet week this week for Wonder Woman, with just two appearances before next week’s epic roll out of the DC You universe begins in earnest for the Amazon princess. Over in Injustice: Gods Among Us, there’s rather a lot of Wonder Woman, with the gods deciding that Superman needs to vacate the planet – or else. Meanwhile, appropriately enough, Sensation Comics – and Batman – take a week to give Diana a moment of peace. I wonder how that’ll work out?

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four #6
After last week’s big reveal of the ‘army of Amazon’ turning up with Hermes and AN other goddess/Amazon to give Superman his marching orders, this week, the messenger of the gods gets his words sorted out and repeats his ultimatum: ‘…vacate Earth or suffer the wrath of the Amazon army of Themyscira’. How come the Amazons are with him? Even Wonder Woman wants to know.

Amazon army

Turns out AN Other goddess/Amazon was actually fan favourite Artemis – the Amazon Artemis, not the goddess. And she’s got her orders from Hippolyta.

It's Artemis, everyone!

But who ordered Hippolyta? Turns out it was that Hera.

Hera arrives on Paradise Island

However, despite Hippolyta owing Hera a favour for getting Wondy out of her coma, Hippolyta refuses to send the Amazons to fight the Justice League, something that doesn’t please the goddess at all.

Hera blasts Hippolyta

In turn, Wondy’s not best pleased that her mum might be in trouble and negotiations break down.

Superman takes over

Wonder Woman orders the Amazons

Fortunately, back-up has arrived.


And then the real architect of the battle arrives.

Batman arrives

Is it any good?
Actually, it’s quite fun and we also get a bit more insight into who this Elseworlds Wonder Woman is. While she may wear a version of her Volume 2/3/Odyssey costume, it’s clear this Wonder Woman has more in common with the nu52 Wonder Woman, being the daughter of Zeus and a blonde Hippolyta, and having to endure the wrath of Hera as a result.

Daughter of Zeus

Hera doesn't like infidelity

Yet, at the same time, the fact Hippolyta calls Hera the distinctly unusual and un-DC ‘All Mother’ suggests that this Wonder Woman is in some way the DC version of Thor:

The All-Mother

This is somewhat appropriate in the same week that Justice League: Gods and Monsters gets its first two preview minisodes – Bruce Timm having planned for Wonder Woman to be the Thor-esque daughter of the Odin-esque Zeus in this Elseworlds series before the nu52 came along and stamped all over his plans:

We’re also given the corroboration that the gods have so far had nothing to do with the world, beyond interacting with Wonder Woman and the Amazons, as Hal Jordan had apparently never previously even been aware of their existence outside of myth until this issue.

Hal's surprised

As we’re ramping things up, year on year, in Injustice, the gods look set to be even more powerful adversaries for Superman than those of previous years, with Wonder Woman naturally having to pick sides. I’m actually looking forward to it for a change.

Rating: 4/5

Sensation Comics #38

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #38
Batman summons Wonder Woman to a crime scene, where she finds some dead children. Dead children

Dr Destiny is responsible, having become addicted to draining them of their dreams.

Dr Destiny

Diana tries to vent her anger but Dr Destiny doesn’t make a great punchbag.

Diana punches Dr Destiny

Back on the Justice League Watchtower, Batman suggests that Diana might want to take a break from it all and suggests a town where his father used to take him to relax when he was a child.

Batman makes a suggestion

However, the town’s been suffering some damage and the animals of the nearby forest are frightened by something.

What's been doing all the damage?

Frightened animals

Turns out it’s Solomon Grundy.

Solomon Grundy

Diana punches Solomon

And he makes a bunch better punchbag than Dr Destiny.

Solomon Punchbag

Something for which Diana is grateful.

Wonder Woman is grateful to Batman

Is it any good?
This appears to be a continuation of the previous fortnight’s “What if Wonder Woman were Batman?” theme, with Wonder Woman hanging with a member of the Batgang, wanting to beat up criminals and enjoying it, and then showing her affection for Batman. The slight difference here is that she’s not torturing everyone and actually warns Solomon Grundy not to fight her, which is a massive step-up from the previous story.

The issue’s main suggestion is that Diana, having found an ordinary criminal doing terrible things, needs to vent her anger but being superpowered, she can’t do that without killing said criminal very, very quickly. Fortunately, with Solomon Grundy being virtually indestructible and immortal, she can keep punching him to her heart’s content.

Again, it’s somewhat at variance with the normal idea of Wonder Woman being a warrior who takes no pleasure in inflicting pain, and the idea that she would first try to beat up Dr Destiny before realising her mistake is clumsy writing. However, I suppose we can give her the supervillain ‘get out of jail free card’ on this one.

I quite liked the framework of the piece – a brief look at the somewhat twisted Batman-Wonder Woman relationship, with Batman trusting her with secrets about him and his father so she can have some fun beating up Solomon – and the artwork was pretty good at times. We also had an undercover Wonder Woman for a panel or two, which was a nice touch. One wonders why she didn’t just nip back to Paradise Island if she wanted somewhere peaceful to vacation in, though.

Generally, a pause between stories that macht nichts but enjoyable enough, provided you can overlook the general Batman-iness of Wonder Woman again.

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: Owing to the small fortune it would take to buy every single DC comic each week, this is not a guaranteed rundown of all the comics that feature Wonder Woman. If you know of any I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment below and I’ll cover them next week