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  • JustStark

    I thought Big Finish weren't allowed to use new-series characters, did their contract change?

  • It's a good question, one I'm not sure of the answer to. From what I gather, I think the issue is raised in the latest DWM, although not having read it I can't be definite on that, and it's possible that the character has been licensed from Stevie Moffat directly. But I don't know. It's the first time it's happened that I know of though, unless you count veiled allusions to Christopher Eccleston's Doctor in The Kingmaker.

  • JustStark

    it's possible that the character has been licensed from Stevie Moffat directly

    I was under the impression that Big Finish's contract with the BBC didn't just not give them the rights to use new series characters / ideas, but actively prohibited them from doing so (in order to maintain a strict separation-of-brand between official BBC and Big Finish merchandise).

    It's possible that back in 2004 they signed a ten-year contract which was renegotiated last year, and the BBC (either due to Moffat being in charge rather than Davies, or just with a decade of programme behind them) is now less paranoid about brand contamination, but I wondered if they'd announced that was the case.

  • JustStark

    Oh, and I see from a link at the bottom that last month Big Finish announced they would be doing Torchwood plays, which lends credence to the 'ten year renegotiation with relaxed terms about supporting characters / concepts' theory (to my mind, at least).

  • Very possibly. BF did indeed renew contracts quite recently and AFAIK, they were forbidden before then from doing anything 21st century. I don't think there was any notification of an official change of terms though and I wasn't sure with the Torchwood announcement if that was simply because that was a dead show and already had its own range of Radio 4 plays. I'm assuming SM is more pro-BF than RTD was, given that the McGann minisode referenced the BF companions and SM was involved in the early, early days of BF, but that's just guessing.

    Certainly, though, Osgood – and indeed Kate LS – turning up would be very suggestive of a change of contract terms, unless a separate deal had been negotiated.