That Vince Vaughn royalty-free photography you were after is finally available

The Vaughn has another terrible-looking movie out this week called Unfinished Business, in which a bunch of American businessmen + Nick Frost + Tom Wilkinson head off to Germany to arrange a deal but things end up getting a bit raucous. Because, you know, Germany. Or something.

It looks dreadful, it’s likely to be forgotten within about two weeks and if I were Germany, I’d probably want to sue the filmmakers for defamation. Or something.

However, there is one good thing coming out of this whole sorry (unfinished) business and that’s the fact that the cast have created some publicity photos in the style of the tedious stock photography that gets included in business magazines and presentations…

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

…and then made them available royalty-free through genuine top photo library iStock.

iStock has Unfinished Business

I work on a lot of magazines that use iStock. I wonder if I should warn them, because depending on how seamless this whole thing is and how long the images remain in the library, it’s entirely possible that not too long from now, a business magazine somewhere is going to end up using these images unironically. And then the legacy of Unfinished Business will linger for far longer than it should have done. Maybe that’s the only good thing about it.