Canal+ trailers for Les Revenants, Versailles, Le Bureau Des Legéndes, Spotless, Panthers and Hard

Four new shows, two returning ones, including the much fabled second season of The Returned. No word yet on airdates, or when/if they’ll be emerging in the UK.

Intrigued? Then let me tell you more. Spotless is a black comedy set in London, in which the quiet life of John is turned upside down by the arrival of his criminal brother Martin. Why Spotless? Well, John runs a company that specialises in cleaning crime scenes…

Canal+ has a separate teaser trailer for this one.

Meanwhile, Versailles, as the name suggests is all about the 28-year-old Louis XIV – the Sun King himself – and the construction of the palace of Versailles, his having dealing with uppity nobles, etc. Panthers is a co-prod with Sky Atlantic starring Samantha Morton, John Hurt and Tahar Rahim that’s all about some missing diamonds. You can guess what channel that will end up on.

Lastly, Le Bureau Des Légendes is all about a department of the DGSE (France’s MI6/CIA) dedicated to undercover agents, with our hero (Mathieu Kassovitz) returning after six years undercover in Syria – but making the slight mistake of not abandoning his undercover life and ‘legend’…

And for those who want a Les Revenants teaser, here you go. Not much happens, mind.

  • Mark Carroll

    I'm curious about Les Revenants but I kind of lost patience with the series in the end so I think I'll start out by finding out second-hand.

  • benjitek

    I liked it until I realized it was yet another take on the zombie genre. Season 2 starts November 30th:

  • That's the point where I gave up, too.

    I wouldn't take the November 30th date as definite: that's not listed on any other site, including Canal+'s, Canal+'s Les Revenants Facebook page and Allocine. But it might be

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