Weekly Wonder Woman: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #18, Sensation Comics #22

Sensation Comics #22

Quite an undemanding week for Diana this week, it would seem, as she only showed up in two comics. Where’s Wonder Woman ’77 got to? I don’t know.

So after the jump, it’s the continuing slugfest that is Injustice: Gods Among Us, with Diana and co fighting the demon Trigon and not faring very well; and Sensation Comics gives us Wonder Woman rescuing her Justice League pals from Circe, Cheetah and Medusa on Cat Island. Sounds silly? Well, all is not quite what it seems…

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #22

Superman and Batman have been captured by Cheetah, Circe and Medusa! Circe’s turned Superman into a pig and Medusa has turned Batman to stone! Only one person can save them – Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman is on the way

Superman is a pig

The battle goes well for Wonder Woman…

Medusa and Circe attack

Superman is captured

…until Cheetah threatens Superman/pig. That means Wonder Woman has to sacrifice her invisible jet to save him!

Wonder Woman saves the day

Can Batman and Superman be saved? We’ll never know because… it’s all just a kids’ game. Can boys play? Well, that’s something the rest of the strip will decide…

Kids game

Is it any good?
Writer Lauren Beukes says this was written for her kids, and that’s pretty much the best and only audience for this. It’s beautifully drawn, particularly the Jae Lee/June Chung cover, but this is very much like Sensation Comics #19 in being a meta-comic – a comics about the effect of comics – and how inspiring Wonder Woman can be for girls and women. That means unless you’re about five years old or you have kids of your own, there’s little here for you, particularly if you’re after a story that genuinely features Wonder Woman rather than a cultural construction of Wonder Woman.

It’s nice that Sensation Comics features meta-stories every so often, but it’s getting a little too regular now, and it’s largely preaching to the converted, offering little beyond “Wonder Woman inspires”. No! Really? Thanks for that.

Rating: 4/5 for the target audience; 1/5 for everyone else

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #18

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #18

Turns out the John Constantine has let it be known that Superman has captured Trigon’s daughter Raven. Trigon’s not happy and there’s not much either Superman or Wonder Woman can do against him.

Trigon twats Wonder Woman

Superman and Wonder Woman fight Trigon

Even Ares doesn’t fare well…

Ares gets eviscerated

But just as things look their bleakest…

Superman and Wonder Woman clobbered

…an unexpected saviour arrives…Mister Mxyzptlk!

Mister Mxyzptlk arrives

Is it any good?
It’s a good advert for the sneakiness and magic of John Constantine and the last minute cameo was fun. But if you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, it’s less than edifying to see her very easily hurled around, used as a weapon, the god of war eviscerated (killed?) in one blow, et al, just to make John look good.

Rating: 1/5 (not one for the Wonderfans)

Disclaimer: Owing to the small fortune it would take to buy every single DC comic each week, this is not a guaranteed rundown of all the comics that feature Wonder Woman. If you know of any I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment below and I’ll cover them the following week


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