News: AMC buys half of BBC America, a Phantom of the Opera show, an Archie TV series + more

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  • Gareth Williams

    Nice surprise to see Constantine on Amazon Prime Instant this morning (at least it was a nicer surprise that discovering they've disabled HD streaming on new release films!) Actually, I have to wait for a download to complete before I can stream it so it's entirely possible that I might end up throwing copies of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing at it… still, no Keanu.

  • Gareth Williams

    Urm? I'm completely thrown by the accent. It's all over the place. Ryan's Welsh accent isn't very well hidden at all which makes the northern dialect very harsh to my ears. Overall the characterisation isn't too bad, so hopefully the accent improves after the pilot.

  • It's very variable, isn't it, and never once hits Scouse. Interesting fact: Ryan went to the same college in Wales as my wife.

    I was surprised to hear that Amazon Prime had picked it – no press release, no coverage until the weekend. It's like they don't want people to know they have it!