Weekly Wonder Woman: Scooby Doo Team-Up #9, Superman Unchained #7, Batman-Superman #12

Last week saw three ventures by Wonder Woman into other DC titles.

Superman Unchained #7

The first was Superman Unchained #7, a title supposedly free of Wonder Woman and largely concerned with matters Superman and able friend Lois Lane. However, such were its rubbish readership numbers the creators’ long-established creative intentions, it’s being finished in a few issues’ time and this month, Wonder Woman showed up, presumably in an effort to boost the readership as part of the creators’ long-established creative intentions.

Now, it’s fair to say it doesn’t look like writer Scott Snyder was dead keen on this, given that:

  1. She doesn’t get any dialogue at all
  2. She’s largely there to twat the bad guy with a coin to save Batman and then get twatted with a dinosaur by the bad guy.

No, really.

Wonder Woman twats Wraith with a giant coin

Wraith hits Wonder Woman with a dinosaur

So it wasn’t the finest of Wonder Woman’s hours.

Equally, over in Batman-Superman, we got to see (alternative universe) Wonder Woman being killed again in a flashback to Earth 2 #1. However, this time the event is witnessed by our universe’s Superman, who gets to mourn the death of his ‘love’, as well as his own.

Superman sees Wonder Woman die

Again, not a great Wonder Woman moment, albeit one to set off a few squees worldwide.

So instead, if you wanted to get a proper dose of Wonder Woman last week, you needed to head to a very unlikely source: Scooby-Doo Team-Up #9.

No, really.

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Scooby Doo Team-Up #9

Daphne and Velma are on Paradise Island, training to become Amazon warriors.

Training to be Amazons

Meanwhile, Fred and Shaggy are stuck in Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane, unable to step foot on Paradise Island, because they’re men. Scooby Doo, being a dog, is exempt from that particular rule, of course.

Scooby Doo roams free on Paradise Island

However, during the Amazon Kanga training, up pops a minotaur. And after Daphne and Velma use their ingenuity – and matador-training – to dispatch it, it disappears.

A minotaur appears


It turns out that the same thing has happened with other mythological creatures on Paradise Island recently.

Cerebus and co have arrived

It’s up to Daphne and Velma to investigate, but they want to confab with the guys. Unfortunately, a cyclops has another idea.

A cyclops arrives

Is it any good?
As you can probably tell and as is appropriate for such a retro comic, this is a lovely little two-part recreation of 1970s Wonder Woman and earlier. Not only do we get the very Marston-esque Kangas, there’s Nubia the black Amazon…

Nubia arrives

…a blonde Hippolyta who can have chats with the gods…

A blonde Hippolyta

…references to Aphrodite’s law…

Shaggy and Fred in the invisible plane

…and more.

Tonally, though, both in terms of artwork and writing, it’s more in keeping with later Scooby Doo shows, with the creatures of mythology being actual creatures of mythology rather than caretakers with sheets on their heads, although given the nature of Wonder Woman’s adventures, that’s almost a necessity.

The story itself is more about showing off this recreation of Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Wonder Woman while giving Daphne and Velma something to do, rather than a proper mystery. It’s enjoyable fun, but only really setting the scene and giving the reader something nostalgic to lap up.

Can’t wait for part two.

Rating: 4/5