Let’s ignore July 4 with this handy guide to UK accents

July 4 is the anniversary of something or other in the US that they like to celebrate for some reason, so they’re all going to be busy setting fire to miscellany today: gunpowder, bits of meat, that kind of thing. But just in case they want something better to do, such as learn about the British (we’re not coming, we’re not coming – we’re staying here), here’s a handy guide for them to UK accents, with Siobhan Thompson going through 17 regions’ worth of speech sounds from around England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and just for luck Ireland.

Just to warn Americans in advance though: there are lots more accents than this, particularly the much-hated Estuary English, and if you think London (and Lancashire, Yorkshire et al) only has one accent, you might be in for a surprise. Also, her Glaswegian accent is way too comprehensible – you will not understand Glaswegians.

But it’s pretty good. And at least you’ll now know what accent Billie Piper was aiming for in Penny Dreadful.