Trailers for all the new TNT shows: Transporter: The Series, The Librarians, Proof and Public Morals

Following on from NBC, ABC and Fox, we now have the upfronts trailers for TNT’s forthcoming new shows. So after the jump, there’s trailers for: Librarians, a spin-off from Noah Wyle’s Librarian series of movies; Public Morals from Ed Burns; Jennifer Beals’s Proof; and the somewhat dire Transporter: The Series, which Cinemax couldn’t even be bothered to air.

Transporter: The Series – Fall Drama
Produced by Atlantique Productions. From executive producers Frank Spotnitz, Chris Vance, Fred Fuchs, Olivier Bibas and QVF Inc, and producer Susan Murdoch.

The Librarians – Winter Drama
Produced by Electric Entertainment. From writer/executive producer John Rogers and executive producers Noah Wyle, Dean Devlin and Marc Roskin.

Proof – 2015 Drama
Produced by Turner Originals. From writer/executive producer Rob Bragin, director Alex Graves and executive producers Kyra Sedhwick, Jill Littman and Tom Jacobson.

Public Morals – 2015 Drama
Produced by Amblin TV and TNT Original Productions. From writer/director/executive producer Edward Burns and executive producers Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Aaron Lubin.