News: Discovery/BSkyB buy 5, Heroes’ digital prequel, Y Gwyll on Netflix + more

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  • Trailer for Paul Haggis’ Third Person with Liam Neeson, Kim Basinger, Olivia Wilde et al
  • Trailer for David Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars with Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moore, John Cusack et al
  • Trailer for Oculus with Karen Gillan
  • Final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

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  • Jason S.

    “Discovery/BSkyB buy 5”. The horror, the horror! See what I meant when I warned about the trans-Atlantic monopolization of media back in your post on the decline of British TV? It's all about more centralized control in the name of profits, with very little emphasis on quality programming. And I though Channel 5 was starting to clean up and becoming a suprising alternative to the Americanized pop-trash on BBC and ITV, especially with its excellent wildlife specials.

  • See, I think whatever else Discovery + BSkyB >> Richard Desmond. I wouldn't be surprised, in fact, if they ditched Five, turned into Sky1 (or vice versa), and then consolidated the best of the two channels with whatever else Discovery has to offer.

    Sure, Five has been doing a bit better of late, but we're talking about its first original drama series in 10 years and a few Australian and Irish imports. TBH, I think they only way is up on this. How far up, though? Well, let's wait and see on that one…

  • Mark Carroll

    Olivia Wilde seems to get plenty of work these days. It seems that barely a week goes by without my reading her name somewhere.

  • Jason S.

    You clearly haven't seen the Jumping of the Shark Week the Discovery networks have done since 2006. Once they aired many of the best documentary series and specials ever made for the small screen. Nowadays?
    Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Mermaids: The Body Found, Mud Luvin' Rednecks, Klondike, and bunch of other crap that's bad even by the standards of programming PURPOSEFULLY aimed at the lowest common denominator. Ratings may go up for Sky-Five Discovery, but it will just be one more American nail in the coffin for British TV

  • That would be the British TV currently owned in the case of Five by Northern & Shell, which also owns Five USA, 5*, Babestation and Television X and which tonight is airing Scooby Doo, Ice Road Truckers, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. Before N&S, of course, it was owned by Germany's RTL. So what Britishness exactly would be saved?

    By contrast, tonight, Discovery History has Out of Egypt, When Rome Ruled Egypt and a documentary about Napoleon's battle for Egypt (It's Egypt night). Yes, I wouldn't touch the vast majority of the Discovery channels with a bargepole, but Discovery History is quite good and the minority of good stuff that's on the other channels (e.g. DMAX) is greater than the close to zero that I'd watch on Five (Suspects was good though).

    It's all theoretical, though, of course, because:

    So looks like MTV will be getting it instead. I hear they do some good teen dramas… Sigh. Oh well…