Mini-review: DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #3

DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #3

A slightly poor week for Wonder Woman fans last week, with only one title giving us more action from the Amazon princess/goddess – DC Universe vs Masters of Universe #3. Now, as I remarked when we looked at issue #2, this ain’t a great title and most of the problems in this issue continue: poor writing for most of the DC regulars, John Constantine apparently being the be all and end all of the DC Universe and a huge focus on the Masters of the Universe, with the writing and dialogue tonally more suited to that genre than the DC universe.

Issue #3 had all those problems in spades, spending time introducing Man at Arms et al to the DC Universe, while the superheroes look a bit peeved that Superman’s kind of died, sort of. This gives us one of the worst bits of Wonder Woman characterisation since the nu52 began:

Stabbed my man through the heart

“I don’t know anyone named ‘Skeletor’, but I damned well saw who stabbed my man through the heart!”

A human being was paid to write that.

And no I don’t know if Wonder Woman cries purple tears, that’s supposed to be some sort of magical heat vision she’s now got or it’s supposed to be anger. Good artwork, hey? On top of that we have Wonder Woman sobbing ‘Don’t leave me!’ when Superman’s dead body disappears.


Still, they do save the most ridiculous moment for last. Yes, the big reveal is that Skeletor is nothing but a pawn of… Dark Orko!

Dark Orko

No, really. Dark Orko. Dorko?

Save your pennies, kiddies. Save your pennies.